The University of Sydney Acquired Brain Injury Communication Lab is a team of researchers investigating communication disorders following acquired brain injury (ABI). We work with research participants with traumatic brain injury, aphasia following stroke, dementia and other acquired neurological communication disorders.

The team is lead by Professor Leanne Togher, and includes experienced researchers, early career researchers, PhD candidates and honours students.

Academic staff

Visiting academic staff / Postdoctoral fellows

Research students

  • Pouria Khosravi, PhD Candidate
  • Victoria Norris, PhD Candidate
  • Kate Smith, PhD Candidate
  • Kylie Southwell, PhD Candidate
  • Naomi Hodder, Masters Candidate
  • Ashna Nadan, Honours student
  • Roisin Hayes, Honours student
  • Minh Tien Victoria Lam, Honours student
  • Charlene Cheukling Lo, Honours student
  • Lauren Mckibbin, Honours student
  • Sumaita Tasneem, Honours student
  • Sonia Fiza Tint, Honours student
  • Yong Yong Zhang, Honours student
  • Bonita Sham, Undergraduate speech therapy student, University of Hong Kong


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