Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Communication Lab

Improving communication between people with acquired brain injury, their family members, friends and carers.


About us

The University of Sydney Acquired Brain Injury Communication Lab is a team of researchers investigating communication disorders following acquired brain injury (ABI). We work with research participants with traumatic brain injury, aphasia following stroke, dementia and other acquired neurological communication disorders.

The team is led by Professor Leanne Togher, and includes experienced researchers, early career researchers, PhD candidates, and honours students.


“The goal of interacting with our family and friends is to maintain and even deepen our relationships, to facilitate our social identity and solidarity and to provide feelings of well-being and happiness. Speech pathologists have a critical role in facilitating this process.”
– Professor Leanne Togher, Director


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Latest News

Partnerships supporting the development of the Social Brain Toolkit

April 2021

Funding from the icare foundation launches a collaboration to build new online brain injury resources

Researchers in the ABI Communication Lab from the University of Sydney at University of Technology Sydney are partnering with Changineers and Brain Injury Australia to build a new suite of online tools to support communication after brain injury.

Australian first for mental health as icare funds Fellowships with $1.5 million

April 2019

New Fellowship will focus on mental health following brain injury

The Brain and Mind Centre has partnered with leading health organisations on a $1.5 million Fellowship program to provide specialised training to psychiatrists and support patients after traumatic brain injury.

Online therapy offers hope for people with traumatic brain injury

March 2017

Helping families regain communication

Be part of a world-first study from the Faculty of Health Sciences to help people regain speech and improve communication after suffering a traumatic brain injury using online therapy.