Transcript: Supporting a person who communicates without speech

To support a person who communicates without speech, you needĀ preparation, strategy, and patience. It’s a bit like a board game.

The first step is to get set up. You need to get communication tools, or any other things you need. Make sure the person has everything they need to communicate, and that you have everything you need to support them.

The second step is to make your move. You need to ask a question the other person can answer. If a person can show a yes or no response, you need to ask a yes or no question. 

The last step is to wait for your turn. You need to pause and see what the person does. You may need to pause a long time to give the person a chance. Then, check if you have understood. You might say what you think the person communicated.

To support a person who can’t talk, remember the three steps – like a board game – get set up, make your move, and wait for your turn.