Transcript: Supporting a person who has difficulty with social communication

For a person with brain injury who talks a lot, having a conversation can be difficult. They may not give other people a chance to talk. The conversation might go off topic. They may say things that are not appropriate.

Having a good conversation is a bit like paddling a canoe. You need to work together with the other person, you need to go in the right direction, and you need it to go smoothly. 

So – what can you do to support a person with brain injury who talks a lot? 

The first step is – I hear you. That means taking the time to listen, and also adding your comments about what the person says. It can be helpful to summarise the person’s key points.

The second step is – I’ll steer you. If the conversation goes off track or gets stuck, what you say can be like the paddle in the canoe, to get the conversation back in the right direction.

The third step is – I’ll be clear for you. That means if the person says something that is not appropriate, you can respond with a clear and kind signal to let them know.

Supporting a person who talks a lot can be difficult. Remember the three steps – I hear you, I’ll steer you and I’ll be clear for you.