Learn how to have better interactions with a person with a brain injury - ABI Communication Lab

Learn how to have better interactions with a person with a brain injury

Welcome to interact-ABI-lity: A resource in the Social Brain Toolkit, to help supporters have better interactions with people with acquired brain injuries (ABI).

The interact-ABI-lity course is designed for people who are new to interacting with people with brain injury.

  • Family members or friends of people with a brain injury.
  • Support workers or health professionals starting to work with people with brain injury
  • Staff in businesses and community organisations who want to be ready to help people with brain injury.

This course is designed to give you some skills to communicate with people with brain injury. This course is based on over 20 years of research about how brain injury affects communication. Studies have shown that supporters with good communication skills can make a difference for people with brain injury. Click here for more information about the evidence behind this course.

Some quick tips before you start:

  • The course has seven topics – scroll down to see them all. 
  • To start at the beginning of the course, click on the “Complete & Continue” button below. Or – you can click on one of the photos to start with a topic that interests you.
  • You don’t have to complete the whole course at once, or do the topics in order. The course will keep track of what you have completed – so you can continue your learning next time you log in.
  • The course includes videos with audio – grab some headphones if you are in a shared space. If you are using an iPad, you might need to tap the video a second time to get the audio to start.

Course topics: Tap on a photo to start a topic.

Why your communication is important
Reasons to develop your own communication skills

Talk like a teammate
How to approach communication
after brain injury

Understanding brain injury
What is it like to be
a person with a brain injury?

Learn about brain injury
How do brain changes
cause communication changes?

Links to other resources
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